Demineraliser (DM Plant)
Softner Plant
Dual Media Sand Filter /
Activated Carbon Filter
Reverse Osmosis Systems
Ultrafiltration Systems
Sewage Treatment & Effluent Treatment Plant
A reliable manufacturing backbone to fulfill your requirements in water & waste water treatment project.

Introduced or provided brand New Technologies concepts and equipment for water and waste water treatment Industry in India. We offer substainable solutions to our clients and to the society at large enhancing the quality of life of the people concerned. Water has become the most precious resources because of the problems associated with global warming, environment pollution, and urban development that has sprung up without consideration for the environment.

Rubicon water also provides total water solution based on important factors such as planning, construction, operations management and materials system engineering. In addition, Rubicon water will strengthen its abilities in the process filtration including enzyme separation, fruit juice clarification and concentration.

With our blend of innovative technologies exceptional standards impeccable service combined with years of unparallel plant building experience.


We Rubicon water have our own manufacturing facility at Atgaon Dist. Thane. The factory is well equipped with modern technology and dedicated labour force. Also have full-face office at kalyan Dist. Thane & registered branch office at New Mumbai sourcing network in India and abroad & strong Research & Development.

Rubicon water had its own water textiles Lab & Research & Development facility and a team of qualified and experienced research engineers, who dedicatedly work towards developing newer product of international standards.


Providing customer with best value for our services through well define processes, value additions and committed team that ensuring customer satisfaction.