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Demineraliser (DM Plant)

Recognizing the need for advanced DM water technology, 'RUBI'. Series of Demineraliser incorporates the proven technique of counter flow regeneration, reducing the TDS silica slippages and giving you consistent quality of DM water. Applications cover the full spectrum of industrial, commercial, medical and agricultural users.


When water with very high purity is required a mixed bed polisher is used. The mixed bed polisher unit contains strongly acidic cation resin and strongly basic anion exchanger resin in a mixed form. The water passing through the mixed bed exchanger comes successful in contact with cation and anion resin. This corresponds to an infinite stage demineralising process and ensures high purity treated water. The resins are separated prior to regenerated with acid while anion resin is regenerated with alkali. After rinsing the resin are again mixed with air. When the raw water has very low TDS (less than 50 PPM). The treated water will have a dissolved solids content to less than 0.1 mg /liter and silica less than 0.05 mg liter or better depending upon requirements.

Standard Features

  • Constant monitoring of water quality
  • Solid-state reliability for trouble-free service
  • No untreated by-pass water
  • Compact, non-corrosive components
  • Fibreglass tanks for corrosion resistance
  • Convenient, modular construction
  • Easy, economical installation
  • Parallel or Series Regeneration
  • Automatic shut down in the event of conductivity failure


Paint Electrodeposition
Chemicals Metalworking lubricants
Cosmetics Glass/Mirror
Electronics Boiler feed
Textiles Humidification control
Plating Hospitals/Medical facilities
Laboratories Food/Beverage processing


  • Variety of cost effective standard models.
  • Advanced selection software for optimal configuration
  • Improved aesthetics & rugged design
  • User-friendly, low maintenance & easy to install
  • Simple distribution & collection Systems.
  • Pre dispatch assembly Check
  • Quick availability

Technical Specification

DM Plant are available in mild steel rubber/FRP lined up to 125000 LPH. With multiport valve available up to 15000 LPH

FRP vessels are available up to 1000 Dia. SS vessel with FRP coating are available for specific needs like pharmaceuticals industries, dairy, beverages food products & package drinking water with & without multiport valve up to 125000 LPH